Vertigo/Vestibular Disease

The last couple of days I've been dealing with Vertigo.  Unfortunately it is something that runs in my family and I have to deal with every now and again.  But this case of Vertigo has me thinking about poor Tilley and her last two years of life living in a crooked world.  Sadly Vestibular Disease can hit any dog, many dogs in their senior years are stricken with Vestibular Disease which can often be misdiagnosed.

Because of the Vertigo I'm dealing with at the moment I wont' be on the computer much today so I am posting my previous posts on Vestibular disease.  I think spreading the word can save a dog or two when they are stricken with the horrible disease.

January 2010

January 11 2010

January 15 2010

January 2011

Sadly we lost Tilley on January 08, 2012.  Almost two years to the day after she was stricken with Vestibular disease.  She was a trooper and did an amazing job of dealing with and thriving in a life with Vestibular disease.