When Luke Met Elsa

Well I'm pretty excited to be done another book.  For several months I have been working on a book about the relationship between Luke and Elsa.  When Luke Met Elsa was sent for a proof printing yesterday.  This book is entirely different than PBJ and me; being that it is a small children's book.  It was not emotional draining to write like PBJ and me; it was actually fun, cute and like taking a trip down memory lane.  I cannot believe how many amazing photos I have of Elsa.  I went through them all; from the day she arrived back in September of 2011 to about a month ago.  Many days while writing it I found myself awwwwwing at the computer.

When the book was just in the 'idea' stage, I really wasn't sure what the story would be.  The pictures spoke volumes on their own but there had to be words of some sort.  After many days of pondering I decided that it would be geared to not wanting a new member in the family to take the youngest's place. There are many blended families now and people being remarried and having more children.  I think that many children feel this way and I hope that sharing those feelings through the adorable faces of Luke and Elsa that it might help.

I had never thought of writing a children's book over the years until I saw Luke and Elsa come together and photographed them.  Both Luke and Elsa have very expressive faces and being able to capture their emotions has been wonderful.  When I looked back at all the shared moments between the two; you can literally see the relationship growing to where it is today.

I also hope that children will learn a little bit about dog behavior and how they are different from us.   They are incomparable to humans in how they display their emotions.  There are teeth in the book that show emotion; this is probably different from other books.  But dogs are different and that very fact is important when speaking through them.  

I will post a link to my book when it is ready to go; keep an eye on my Just dogs with Sherri FB page for news.

This is the first children's book; but there will be others..............................