Tilley, doing nothing but being beautiful.

 Most of my yesterday was spent in front of the computer.  I am working very hard at finishing my Standard Poodle book.  When it is done it will be a beautiful compilation of images along with some information and personal quotes from poodle owners.  I know that the images are great; each dog was fabulous in their own way so the book should be wonderful if I do say so myself.  :)

I love this, we had fun with a dryer for this shot.

Narrowing down has been fun.  I've been working on the book for years so now at this point of photos for the book there has been much decisions to make.  When I did each shoot I pulled a few of my favorites.  Some were easier than others to choose from.  There were shoots that I did where one single photo stood above the rest and then there were other shoots where there were so many great ones that I had a very tough time even choosing 10 best.  As you know I can watch dogs all day; well I could also look at dog photos all day which is what yesterday was.

Yep, this girl is mine. 

It is difficult when you really want to choose one and have two almost equally great shots.  I went back and forth, back and forth I don't know how many times.  Weighing, grading, thinking and thinking some more.  At one point I called my son in to ask what he thought; he liked both equally, hmmmmmmmm not much help.  So in the end there will be some dogs in the book twice.  When I have a photo that I want people to see because I think that it captures a dog so well, I just can't leave it in the computer.  There a photo can sit for a very long time before anyone sees it if ever.  If I love them that much, they are going in the book.

I still have a few more shoots to get; friends with Standards that I really want to get into the book.  Sadly there are dogs who will be in the book that are now gone; left only in the hearts of their owners and others who's lives were touched by there's.  But I am so happy that I got to meet and shoot these dogs now gone, how wonderful that even those who never met them will now see them in print.  Of course my own dogs will be in the book and that has challenged me even more so.  Can you imagine how many images I have of my own dogs?  Literally thousands upon thousands.  Trying to remember some of my favorites is nearly impossible.  But I will narrow it down to one or two as well.

The book will have photos of week old Standard Poodles all the way up to dogs in their golden years.

An amazing athlete.

This one is not one of mine.  

This looks like one of mine but it is not; this is Wolfgang, an amazing water Poodle.

Ya right!!!

 Today I will be back at it; I will be working on my Standard Poodle book as well as And Back Again.  After these are done it will be my training book that is all done; it just needs to be put together now.  Then after that, another children's book about Elsa and then after that...............................................who knows.