More than a pet - the benefit of Chia seeds

Good Friday morning.  Today's blog is about Chia seeds.  As I wrote earlier this week my son Brad is home from NYC.  Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy.  It is wonderful to have him back and he has brought some cool new info with him.  All of my children are very into nutrition, exercise and general health.  When they learn about new foods or concepts they like to share with me, which I love.  My daughter Jamie actually introduced me to Chia seeds several months ago and Brad has further tweaked my interest in them.  He drinks a huge glass of water everyday filled with Chia seeds so I wanted to know more.

Brad gave me the rundown on the little seed that in the past has sat on many kitchen counters sprouting hair inside a little clay creature.  What a waste now that I think of it.  Chia seeds are filled with Omega oils, both 3 and 6.    They are high in protein, calcium and boron which is a trace mineral that aids in the absorption of calcium in our body.  The more I read about Chia seeds the more good stuff I found out about them.  I have decided to add them to Luke and Elsa's diet.  This will hopefully help Luke as he gets well into his seniors years.  I wish I had known about these wonderful little seeds years ago.

You can use Chia seeds many ways but by soaking them in a liquid they release more nutrients and make it easier for your body to absorb them.  When added to liquid they form a gel like coating around them causing a sort of anti gravity effect.  The seeds float seemingly suspended by their gel coating.  This may turn some off, if you have texture issues that is.  One of my daughters can only eat them in their non soaked state.  I have started drinking a glass of water filled with Chia seeds since Brad got home.  I work out and lift very heavy weights and often have joint pain (I'm not a spring chicken anymore) so hopefully I will see a benefit from the little seeds.  Below are two links to information about Chia seeds.  The first will give you more information than you will ever need on the subject of Chia seeds.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe - chia seeds 

The Benefits of Chia seeds

Trader Joe's now has Chia seeds available.  I have one bag but will buy several and keep them on hand now that the dogs and the humans are eating them.  Cheers to good human and canine health.