Sooooo cute

I woke up this morning with a poodle scarf.  As I attempted to roll over I realized my feet were stuck under a poodle as well.  They are wonderful aren't they?   Dogs I mean.  Each time I meet a new dog and have the chance to spend some time with them I quickly discover so many things that are so cute.  I'm always saying "awww cute."  Whether it is one of mine or somebody else's, they do the cutest things.  Even when they grow from an adorable puppy into adulthood, the cuteness sticks.

This morning as Luke was eating his morning snack in bed; a regular routine for us, I dropped his turkey as I reached to the end of the bed.  He sat looking at it within inches of his nose.  He looked at me and back at the turkey.  Elsa's eyes shot back and forth "dude you're not picking that up?"  I reached as far as I could reach and picked it up for him, smiling.  He enjoys having it delivered to him; even if you drop it right in front of him he prefers it brought to him.  Cute, too cute.  He takes it ever so gently from me that I almost drop it again.

As you know Elsa does not sleep with us at night but she joins us very early in the morning.  I then have trouble moving as she plants her 600 lbs across me.  But when she first gets up she is so thrilled to be up with the pack that she licks everyone.  Doesn't matter what body part is within licking range, everyone gets some.  Luke has his feet licked, Dad gets some licks on his head that is peeking out of the covers and my shoulder.  She is a cutie for sure.

How many cute things can you pick out in a day?  So, so many.  That is if you are watching; and noticing how cute the smallest things are.  One of the cutest things that Elsa does is right before we leave for a walk.  We leash up in the garage and then I open the door; but not before I have a hold of Miss Elsa.  I reach for the door opener and Elsa immediately pushes under my other hand.  I love it as she hovers there until I grab hold.  Sooooo cute.

Coming home is a cute overload.  Elsa stands at the top of the stairs smiling with one side of her mouth and waving with her arm (front leg).  Luke flops on the couch huffing and rubbing his head with his tail doing a perfect figure eight under his blanket.  Honestly how much cuteness can someone handle?  Elsa re-greets Luke and it soon turns into a snuggle fest.

From the smallest of pocket pooches to the gentle cute.  When I photograph rescues who are looking for a new forever home or a beautiful and regal Greyhound, they are all just too cute.  I love their subtle and not so subtle communications.  So cute.  Their faces, body language, vocal noises...................they are just too cute.

Not a day goes by that I don't say "so cute," I don't how many times.