Another rant

This was the day we ran into the off leash aggressive dog that would not come when called.  HONESTLY???

Yep, I said I was ranting and I am going to.  It doesn't typically take too much to get a rant out of me; just a bit of stupidity can create a fair sized rant.  So here goes.  Yesterday was beautiful, my kind of weather; low 40's, blue skies with giant cotton ball type clouds here and there.  I actually had to grab my vest as I headed out with Luke and Elsa; that makes me happy.  We hit a nice big field that is almost entirely enclosed and it was empty, yes.  We were there a good long time enjoying ourselves when I decided that it was about time to head home.  Elsa had a great run and Luke had done the whole field several times so off we went to the ramp.  This field is lower than the parking lot so we usually go down a set of steps and leave going up a ramp.  I think that it is easier on Luke's legs.

So as we started up our ramp I had already leashed both dogs.    About mid way up I noticed a woman with a couple of leashes around her neck up at the top and to the right.  Hmmmmmmmm.  I called out to her "are your dogs friendly?"  She shielded her eyes from the sun trying to see us.  I called again as her dogs quickly made their way to the fence; coming around towards us.  "ARE THEY FRIENDLY?"  I yelled for a third time.  At this point she was very close to me and could easily hear me.  Again, I shouted "ARE YOUR DOGS FRIENDLY?"  As the dogs were nearly upon us with hair up from neck to tail on both.  

Then she quietly and hesitantly offered "uhhhhhhhhh ya, I think so."  "WHAT??????????"  "Can you put them on a leash?" I asked her.  She had no response.  I was growing angry at her lack of movement, she seemed like a slug. "Can you leash your dogs?"  I said again, receiving a repeat in her response, nothing.  "PLEASE, CAN YOU LEASH YOUR DOGS?"  At this point I was sort of shocked by her snail pace and sloth like movements.  Really?  I told her that if she was not sure that her dogs were friendly that they should not be off leash.  It was literally like talking to a brick wall.  Very strange. 

With the dogs on us at this point I was not about to pull my guys away.  This act itself can lead to more aggression.  I am very protective of my dogs and these were very large buff dogs.  Luke is very fragile now and I have no intention of letting him be attacked or roughed up in any way.  We stood our ground and I held the leashes as loosely as I could.  She should have at least called her dogs to her; she did nothing, absolutely nothing.  It was a bit disturbing to watch.  Was she so incompetent as a dog owner that she lacked the most basic of knowledge about etiquette?  Obviously.  

Seeing that she had no intention of doing anything; not even calling her dogs we waited.  I was waiting for her dogs to lose interest in us and move away.  Once far enough away I would feel comfortable turning our back on then and walking away.  Let me just say this "IT IS NOT OKAY TO HAVE YOUR DOGS OFF LEASH WITH OTHER ON LEASH DOGS AROUND."  That is unless you have complete control of your dog and they will not run at the on leash dogs.  It's just not okay.  Do you know how many times I had to hoist Jessie into my arms to protect another loose dog?  She was not reliably dog friendly, so she was always on leash.  It was not fair that we had to deal with off leash out of control dogs when we were out. 

There are times when dogs should not be on leash and that is at off leash parks or beaches.  If you enter one of those then you should have your leash off.  It gives your dog a handicap by having them leashed when all the other dogs are running off leash.  

Nothing happened yesterday but it was very disturbing  none the less.  As we finally got enough space to turn and walk away I saw the woman trying to get one of her dogs to come to her.  She had no control, none.  Control is so very important.  Funny because just before we came upon these two dogs, Elsa had received a lesson about not coming when Mom calls.  She had decided to drop her ball and do some grazing on the fresh new baby grass that had sprouted up from all the rain.   I called and she ignored so she got her lesson.  Then we came across these two with the owner who did absolutely nothing.  People like this should not have dogs.  

I have seen the same woman at this field before but we've never run into her; she was at a distance.  The thing I did notice the other times that I saw her was that she was not scanning.  We had not been far away; we were coming up to the right of her and getting in the car but she hadn't noticed us.   Scanning your environment and being very aware is important.  Heck it's important to do when you don't have your dogs with you; even more so when you are out with your dogs.  When I arrive to a park or field I always scan first.  There have been times when I have scanned and then got back in the car and head to another park because of what was in the park. 

As we walked away from this woman and her dogs I was grumbling and shaking my head.  Imagine saying "I think" that your dogs are friendly as you let them run full speed up to someone with dogs on leash?  No, it is not acceptable at all and I see it far too often.  Perhaps this is why it makes me so mad.  Get a clue people.  I for one do not want to deal with your off leash dogs when you have no control over them.  About a year ago I wrote about a guy we met with a fairly aggressive dog who told us he could not call his dog.  But here it was off leash.  Honestly, HONESTLY??????????