Boxing Day

The day after Christmas; I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, we most definitely did.  It's Boxing Day!!!!! Well at least in my head it is.  In Canada it is as well and having lived in Canada for 36 years of my life I still keep the day even though it is not Boxing Day here in the US.  But everyone has gone back to work and I am puppy sitting.  We've had Penelope here since Friday night and it has been very busy with her.  Elsa is almost played out, but not completely yet.  She has been beyond amazing with Penelope.  She is so gentle and patient with the puppy that I could have never asked for any better behavior from her.

As a very young puppy, Penelope gases out long before Elsa.  Elsa could probably keep going 24/7.  At only a year a half Elsa wants to play a lot; she is absolutely loving having Penelope here.  It is very good for Penelope, she is getting a great deal of socializing in.  We have introduced her to lots of new items; an umbrella this morning, a big shiny rolling decoration in the garage and many other things.  She doesn't seem fazed by a whole lot.  She didn't bat an eye at the umbrella this morning.  The statues at the park that freaked Elsa out as a puppy saw a split second of hesitation from Penelope.  They are all so very different.

Penelope is learning bite inhibition mostly via Elsa.  Elsa just deals with it, she loves playing with her so much.  As a Bull Terrier, Penelope has a huge set of jaws on her and I have to admit that the pressure behind her nips is a little startling.  So having Elsa here to help with softening her bite is a great, great welcome.  It is also teaching Penelope lots of positives about playing with other dogs.

Luke is not as impressed and mostly has walked on his tip toes around her.  She has thrown herself a couple of times at him with a resulting grizzly bear response.  She is apprehensive around him, understandably but not deterred.  She quickly learned that Elsa is the one to play with but is still drawn to Luke if is he anywhere around.  At 12.5 years old he has no desire to meet or get to know her. He is curious but that is as far as it has gone at this point.  He sits upon his thrown in the living room watching the two girls brawl for hours.  If Elsa yelps from a very hard nip from Penelope he gets down,  and slowly walks through the room sending a clear message.  He then heads back to his couch.

At the moment it is pouring rain.  Miss Penelope is not a fan, but we did just go out and have success.   She peed in the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So it will be a day of playing and trying to get all the dogs out in the rain.  I may just hit the park with Elsa for some chuck it time although with the puppy here for four days she is plum exhausted.  Enjoy Boxing Day, I intend to.