Grooming day

I took advantage of a setting sun.

Yesterday morning was a great one.  At least for me and the dogs anyway; it was our kind of day.  After coming home from the gym, I leashed both Luke and Elsa up in the garage and reached for the opener.  As she always does, Elsa nudged herself under my hand so that I would open the door and we could head out.  We had a great walk at the park.  There weren't too many people so I was able to sneak in some chuck it fun for Elsa and Luke wandered as he likes to do.  While Elsa ran her butt off Luke meandered, sniffing around and came to get his treats every few minutes.  Although he is the pickiest of eaters at mealtime he LOVES to snack on his walks.  I literally am feeding him the entire time.

So we had our fun at the park and headed for home.  When we got home there were meaty bones awaiting.  The dogs knew right away; the smell lured them into the kitchen where the two paced anxiously.  I had rib bones so I had to cut the extra piece off the end; put out the bone chewing sheet (I use an old bed sheet) and then it was time.  There was a lot of meat on these ones which I love and of course the dogs do as well.  Elsa did really well this time, she pulled all the meat off and then had a good chew.  When both bones were picked clean I switched them which always results in more chewing.  So after about an 1 1/2 hours of chewing it was breakfast time.  They enjoyed a yummy pork breakfast.

After breakfast, both dogs were in need of a good foot trimming.  Poodles have hair and they have hair between their toes.  Shaving their feet helps to minimize slipping on slick surfaces as well as keep their feet much cleaner.  Luke was first and due to his age now I have to make it quick.  He cannot stand on three feet for very long.  I must also be careful to give him time to get his balance when I do pick up a foot.  Luke being Luke, he does not like to lay down on the table like Tilley use to do as she got older.  He also got is face cleaned up and then it was Elsa's turn.  Feet and faces, done.

After both dogs were tidied up they had their nails done.  Nails are something that need to be attended to on a regular bases.  Some dogs wear their own nails down but most need help.  Allowing your dogs nails to get too long actually interferes in proper movement and alters their foot position.  It can make walking on wood or tile floors difficult for them.  Long nails can also cause pain to your dog.  I use both a grinder and trimmer; a trimmer for when more needs to come off, the grinder for the weekly stuff.

Later in the afternoon Luke had a much needed bath.   It was warm yesterday but not warm enough to air dry so I dried him with my forced air dryer.  He loves it; and was very quickly done and ready to rumble with Elsa.  Of course that was my cue to run and get the camera.  For an old man he's doing really great and I love seeing him tackle Elsa.  The rules of the game are always the same, toy acquisition.  But the game is really about trying to tempt the other into wanting the toy which initiates the chase.  It's all about the lure.  Hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did shooting them.

The lure

The chase


More beautiful


Luke has the toy, trying to tempt Elsa 

Luke feeling cool with the toy

She is such a tease

Elsa pretending she doesn't care that Luke has the toy

Luke tempting Elsa again "hmmmmmm you probably want this eh?" 

The teasing continues

Then there is a good rumble

He's still got it, even at 12.5 years old.

Have a great one.