The backyard

Low tide at Tod's Point Beach in Old Greenwich, CT.  It is now open for dogs until the end of March.  Lucky dogs.  

At the moment my backyard is very soggy; not conducive for an active dog to take a rip.  Elsa had a bath on Wednesday and I thought twice about letting her do her after bath zoom out there.  My yard is small and the grass area even smaller.  She has got so much power in those kangaroo sized back legs of hers that she can destroy the entire yard in a matter of moments.  So with that idea we headed outside and I tried to keep her zoom contained to the patio area which didn't work so well.  Oh well it's just grass.  It'll grow again right?

Funny when we were in Connecticut, we were on 2 acres and she really ripped it up there.  The size of the yard was great but the condition of the ground was constantly soft.  So why am I talking about yards?  Because so many people put a large emphasis on it with regards to dogs.  Sure it's nice to have a big back yard but you don't need a big backyard to have dogs.  I hear of so many people re-homing their dog because of the size of their yard.  "Oh we moved and have a small yard."  So?  What does the size of your yard have to do with your dog?  That is unless you rely solely on your yard for your dogs activity area.  Ahhhhhh, that is where the yard thing comes in.

No matter how big your yard is, your dog should get out and about, beyond the limits of your yard. The smaller your yard is the more you need to get out.  I go out with my guys every day.  Sure there is the occasional day we miss due to life or being sick;  I think only 2 since we added Elsa to our family.   Luke needs to get out and sniff and see the world as does Elsa but she needs to spread her wings so to speak.  She needs to run and rip to be a happy girl.  Most dogs need to run and run they should.  Dogs don't need to run for hours and hours and depending on how they run it can be a short and sweet ordeal.

I know many people who never take their dogs anywhere.  They sit in the confines of their home and their backyard is their outing.  It is sad.  My dogs get so excited to go out that it is obvious how much enjoyment they get from a simple outing.  Once we've done our outing for the day they are more than happy to hang at home.  Content.  I love when I let the dogs out of the car and they run to the front door wagging about being back home; that's a great thing.

You can fit a great deal of stimulation into a single hour in a day.  Of course my dogs are constantly by my side at home so we are always doing something together.  We love hanging in the backyard but it is by no way their energy or stimulation outlet.  A small yard should mean nothing as far as your dog is concerned.  It should not be where you intend to put a dog to live their life and if you are getting a dog and putting them in the yard to live?  Think twice before getting a dog.  Perhaps get a nice new lounge chair to stare at.

Dogs deserve a life and life goes beyond the confines of your home and yard. Do stuff together, you'll never regret it.  I can guarantee your dog will love you for it.