Play time

This tiny purple scrap was once a great new purple octopus.  It wasn't a full octopus for very long but it has gotten smaller and smaller.  But no matter how small it gets, it still brings great joy.  Yesterday we skipped our walk in the morning and because of this Luke had some extra energy for playing.  Now at 12.5 the wrestling sessions are getting fewer so when he initiates one it makes me and Elsa very happy.  Of course I get the camera out.  

Elsa peeking between Luke's legs.

Tempting, she is always tempting.

An ankle bite; the only thing that will drop Luke like a brick.  The whole foot area is off limits.

A beautiful close up.  When the two play, they often end up in my lap.

Being nonchalant about the piece of toy.

The piece of toy is getting smaller.

A face chomp; often the toy is set aside for a bit for some body biting.  

Luke's turn to lure Elsa with the toy. Here he holds it low enough so that she can grab hold.  (Note the pieces of toy all over the carpet.)

Elsa does this a lot.  I don't know how many photos I have of her covering Luke's eyes.  

There is no telling what position Elsa will be in; she pretty much goes where her happiness takes her.  Playing with Luke is just sheer joy.