And Back Again

If you look closely, you can see Luke and Elsa in the field.

I spent a good part of yesterday writing; I'm working on my second book of a two book saga.  The first book PBJ and me is about a cross country trip I made with my son and our four dogs.  We had to move from CA to CT; the details of that move are in the book.    But as most of you know I am now back in Southern California after only being in Connecticut for three and a half months.  Lots of question swirl around what happened, why and the trip back.  All of that will be in the new book And Back Again.  

It has now been ten months since I am back and working through the book is very tough at some points. It  has left me pondering.  With my head sitting in my hands, I stare at the pages and re-read it all.  It is mostly done albeit the 5-6 times that I have to read it and re-write much of it.  Writing is a funny thing; it is very personal and everyone has their own way of going about it.  For me if the writing is not coming then I should just go do something else.  Forced writing is just that, forced.  It is not enjoyable for anyone, including me.  

I really enjoy writing; when I feel like writing that is.  Just the other day I saw that in about another month I will have hit the 2000 blog point.  That is a whole lot of blogs.  But it has left me wondering if I should continue.  I really enjoy writing and I love feedback but again, 2000 blogs is a lot of writing.  I truly believe that you should do what you love and I really do love writing about dogs.  The human/canine connection is simply amazing to me and if I can help just one person; it makes it all worth while.  Sharing the knowledge and experiences that I've had might just give someone their own experience to pass on.  

A great deal of writing spun out of the whole trip to CT and back.  Having spent twelve solid days in the car with my dogs gave me a wealth of knowledge about traveling with your dogs.  Over the few months of the two trips I probably had more canine experiences than I will ever have and I draw upon those often.  There was the trip itself, the loss of two long time canine companions, the few months in between and the trip back.  Of course there is now everything after; perhaps two books will turn into three, who knows.  One planned book turned into two once life took over and changed what we had thought the plan was.  You really never know what lies ahead.