This was taken in the fall of 2011, no fresh grass on this day.  

I wanted to talk about grass this morning.  Dogs eat grass, almost all do it at some time or another.  But did you know that not all grass eating is the same.  First there is the ever familiar frantic consumption of grass; followed shortly by the inevitable vomiting.  Dogs know when they are not feeling well; they may have stomach upset or simply feel nauseous so they eat large amounts at a fast pace to induce their stomach contents to purge.   When dogs head out on a mission to eat enough grass fast enough to vomit you should stand back and let it happen.  They will typically eat any grass in site and seem to be very frenzied in their behavior because they want to feel better.

Many owners stop their dog from eating grass when they see this behavior.  You should not stop them.  Of course if your dog is exhibiting this behavior often, then you need to seek Veterinarian attention.  There could be something wrong with your dog or your dog's food.  But most dogs will eat grass and vomit on occasion, it happens.  When your dog does go on a crazed grass eating binge you should try to direct them to grass that is appropriate for consumption.  ie. grass that is not treated.

Then there is the grass eating that many dogs do..................................well, just because.  Luke is a grass eater; he loves to nibble on grass often.  If we happen to have had rain recently and have a fresh crop of tender baby grass, he is in heaven.  Elsa has learned the joy of eating select savory grass from Luke, she watches every move he makes.  Grass contains a great deal of nutrients; nibbling on it is quite normal in our dogs.  Of course some dogs like grass more than others, like Luke.

What's in grass?  Click on the link below and go down about 2/3's of the page to find the grass section.

Raw wild foods

But you must take precautions when your dog eats grass.   Depending on where you are, you may or may not want your dog eating the local grass.  If we are at a park that is groomed, no grass eating is allowed.  Chemicals are all over most manicured lawns.  I DO NOT allow chemicals on my own lawn and have fired two lawn services over the application of such after asking specifically for it not to be used. When we are down in the canyon and have had a fresh rain, my two look like cows enjoying the new fresh baby shoots of grass.  There is no vomiting afterwards and the actual consumption is done in a very calm and relaxing................almost zen like manner.

Not all grass eating is bad, you must be aware of the difference in behavior when you see it.  But even if a dog is eating grass frantically, don't stop it; they need to get rid of something.  Do take great care not to allow grass eating when you aren't sure about what might be on the grass.  But it is a very normal activity in dogs.  I regularly plant fresh wheat grass in a pot for my dogs.  I show them the pot and let them know that it is for them by praising them for nibbling on it.  It needs to be replanted often to stay fresh and that reminds me that I need to get out and get more for these two curly coated cows.