Not really made for our dogs

It is Easter weekend and like all the other holiday seasons there will be many items out there to purchase for not only humans but our dogs as well.  Isn't it funny how we scoop up seasonal items to share with our dogs?  It is commercialism at it's finest.  Make toys, treats and other canine items in the shape of bunnies, eggs and chicks and people will buy them.  Whatever makes you happy, I say.  But, is your dog happy?  What I see out there in the world of products for our dogs is a lot of garbage, made strictly to turn a buck and the bigger buck the better.  The products that are more geared to you are not really for our dogs.

Let me explain.  First let me say that I LOVE stuff for dogs; that is I love real stuff for dogs.  I love dog gear; the items that actually makes living with dogs easier, more enjoyable and more fun.  I am not into things that are going to sit around and eventually go in the garbage.  I do not like little toys made to fit the current holiday season that are inferior quality and quite frankly a huge waste of money.  When I am out scouring for new dog items, I am looking for quality and dog appeal.  Something that I believe my dogs will find enjoyable. The items on the shelf that are produced to attract we humans are passed over.  I find myself snickering in the isles as I look at the things they make for us.  That's right us; do you really think that our dogs care that a toy looks like a bunny?

I like things (dog stuff) that will last.  Many of the toys out there are really poor quality, even dangerous due to their lack of quality.  These items are most definitely NOT MADE FOR OUR DOGS.  That makes me mad.  Of course it is like anything in the world of commercial products; there are the excellent, good and the very bad ones.  As canine guardians it is our job to sift through it all and choose the best, more canine enticing and quality products.  This often means skipping over those items that have been made to lure us in.  Give your money to those companies who are producing the good stuff; the quality items that are actually for our dogs and our life with dogs.  Not those who are just throwing cheap garbage together to pawn off as a cute dog item.

When you buy quality products they will cost more but save you money in the long run.  You won't need to replace them.  Good, quality items will be around for a while so that your dog can enjoy them.  When I find a toy or product that is quality and my dogs love, I spread the word.  By supporting the companies that are concerned about our dog's welfare; we help to weed out the garbage producers.  Sure they will always be around, they keep trying to find a product that entices the humans to buy. Most of the big box pet stores have the highest percentage of garbage products lining their shelves.  Sad but true.  If you want real dog stuff then you must search and although it can take time it is truly worth it.

But just because something costs more, does not mean that it is a better product.  There are many products out there that cost a fortune and are not worth a fraction of the cost.  These are the worst items; you spend more thinking that the product is quality, only to discover you've purchased really expensive garbage.

The almighty dollar is what drives our commercial society.    The garbage products are made so cheaply because the folks producing them really don't care one bit how long it lasts or if your dog chokes on it.  The companies who really do care use quality products to create their product so it costs more; it only makes sense.  The ones making the garbage products are more than likely making more money from their product as well; which is their one and only goal.  So think about it.

As we stand with a cute stuffed bunny in one hand and an indestructible, all natural toy in the other we think dollars.  The garbage toy is 3.99, the good toy 7.99; what one are you going to buy?