Yesterday we had our friends Lucy and her Mom over for a visit.  Elsa has known Lucy since she was just a pup but they have not seen each other for quite some time.  No matter, Elsa was beside herself with excitement.  Here she is doing her best attempt at inviting a game to ensue, toy shaking.   

Elsa had some calming down to do after Lucy arrived.  She was in her Elsa/Penny mode of crazed playing which Lucy was not such a big fan of.  Lucy hung with Luke until Elsa calmed down.   

It is so good for dogs to play with lots of different types of dogs.  It was evident that Elsa was stuck in her Bull Terrier playmate zone for a while until she realized that Lucy was not planning on playing like Penny does.  After Elsa calmed a bit, Lucy loosened up and they had their fun.  

Lucy is almost 2 years older than Elsa so there is quite an obvious maturity difference.  Both young girls so they had lots of fun playing and just chilling.   

Body language communications.

Just having fun.

Elsa always has the ball or toy.

A moment of thought.

At one point as the ball was thrown Elsa stopped in her tracks and let Lucy continue on and get the ball.  It was very interesting to watch because Elsa let Lucy have a turn.   Elsa is a ball hog but not for possession purposes, she likes to keep the game going.  Lucy tried a few times to guard the ball from Elsa but I intervened; guarding is not allowed on a play date.  

Lucy having fun.  

Elsa being a big helper trying to let Lucy know that her Mom already has the ball in her hand.