More fun and games

Of course like any other visit; the games began before the front door was shut.  Here is a good pic to see the size difference now.  A fleeting break in the games. 

I'm just going to chew your arm a bit.

Teeth wrestling.

Big difference in mouths.

Penny has her big girl teeth now.  

Penny loves to hurl herself at Elsa; never concerning herself with how or where she will land.

More hurling.

A play bow.

Love this, a returned bow. 

Elsa takes great joy from being much taller than Penny. ( I know how Penny feels)

They could play tug for hours.

But wrestling is fun too as the sun starts to set.

By the end of the day Miss Penny was getting very tired.

A bit more wrestling to fit in.

Penny looking to dive on Elsa once again.  

They played well into the dark until the moment that Penny left.  Two very tired girls today, I'm sure.