Taking for granted.

After watching a video this morning with a parrot who was quite intrigued by a stuffed bunny I realized how much we take our dogs for granted.  They do amazing things on a daily basis and we just think it's cute.  They communicate with us, each other and other species regularly but we are not amazed by it.  It is a shame.  To some humans, our dogs are "just dogs," but they are so much more if you take the time to look and see.  We look at the everyday dog and see... a dog, just a simple dog.  No, they are a whole lot more than just a simple dog.

Dogs help us in our day to day; some are an integral part of a human's existence.  Others protect mass populations, save people's lives, see where someone cannot, and the list goes on and on and on.  Yet, in many families they are just the dog; some don't even get status enough to live in the same house and are tied to a tree in the yard.

When will we stop looking past the dog to the exotic creatures for splendor.  We should be amazed by what all of our dogs do in the day to day.  Not only the ones who are trained to perfection; but the ones who manage to coexist with humans with such excellence.  It is not an easy task being a dog in our world; they have huge mountains of human obstacles to climb.   Some make it half way up but many make to the top and over.  The only hurdle in our dogs way are humans.  We humans can have detrimental effects on the life of a dog.  We over indulged, under indulged, misread, misunderstand, wrongly accuse and have a lack of expectation on our dogs.

Expect amazing, open your eyes and you will see amazing standing before you.  Take the time to see the crazy achievements of the regular dog.  They are very much a spectacular creature.  Every size, shape, color and age...amazing.