Have you called Mom lately?

Yesterday I sent Elsa's breeder a little update.  Not a long and drawn out letter; just a note about how wonderful she is doing and let her know about a few things we've been up to.  Even though Elsa is very well known, I still like to connect.  It's what I do.  I have been reaching out to my dog's breeders for a very long time.  I still talk to Tilley's breeder even though she has been gone over a year now.  I tracked down Jessie's breeder after she moved to Mexico so that I could update her.   With that connection I was able to find a Jack Russell puppy for a friend of mine that was actually related to Jessie just a year before Jessie passed.  

Not all breeders want to hear from you; but the good ones love to hear how their babies are doing.  I've tried to contact Luke's breeder but cannot find her.  We were in touch and then she just disappeared.  Luke came from a co-owned dog and when I could not find the woman who raised him until I got him I went to the "kennel name sake" other owner.  I just wanted to touch base; let her know that Luke had epilepsy, as a  sort of heads up.  I wanted to share with her that he was doing great and that he was the love of my life.  As soon as I mentioned the epilepsy I never heard back again.  Sad.

When a good breeder raises a litter of puppies; they put their heart and soul into the job.  They connect with each one of those puppies personally.  When the time comes to let them go to their new homes; I am sure that a piece of their heart goes with them.  Far too often when a puppy leaves; a breeder never hears again.  Sure the breeder can call and find out but the better scenario is to be contacted by the new owners.  Just a quick call, email or message to say "hey, she is doing great and we adore her."  Or share the problems or questions that you might have.

This goes for dogs that don't come from breeders as well.  Perhaps your dog is a rescue; rescuers too love to hear how the dogs who have passed through their lives are doing.  Imagine the satisfaction of hearing about a dog that you saved.  A dog that was pulled from near death that a rescuer helped move onto a wonderful forever home.  Stories of their new life must be very uplifting to a rescuer.

One of the first people that I talked to when Tilley passed was her breeder.  Through streams of tears I wrote her an email and within minutes of sending it she was on the phone to me.  I could barely talk but she was there to listen to the few words I could get out and we shared a moment over a very special girl.  A good breeder is an amazing thing to find. The good ones care long after those little puppies leave their loving arms.

With Mother's Day just a few days away; consider giving your extended family a call.  Be it a breeder, rescuer or foster; I have no doubt that they would love to hear from you.