Test and review - Mutt Lynch Wine

Just this past weekend my family had the wonderful opportunity to taste test several wines from Mutt Lynch Winery.  We'd been planning the event for a while and finally all came together long enough to give our palate a plethora of intriguing flavors.  The plan was to set the wines outside and enjoy our wine tasting outdoors before coming in for lunch.  But with the temperatures up in the high 90's; the tasting moved indoors.   The table was set, the white wine chilled and red waiting to be tasted as we sat with our tasting glasses.

The wines that we had lined up to be tasted were:

Chateau d'Og - Cabernet Sauvignon
Portrait of a Mutt - Zinfandel
Merlot Over and Play Dead - Merlot
foo foo leblanc - Sauvignon Blanc
Unleashed - Chardonnay

In attendance for the taste testing was Jamie, my oldest daughter (27), Nicole (25), Brad (23), my hubby, Luke, Elsa, Penny and me.  We are a family of foodies, fine wine and dog lovers so this was a perfect pairing.  Who better to taste test Mutt Lynch wines?

First up:

Unleashed - Chardonnay
Finding a good white wine can be a challenge.  But as we really enjoy both red and white we are always looking for a great new white.  These whites were both very good.

- warm fruit aroma,

- light and crisp,
- flavors of vanilla and pear,
- mildly tart,
- slightly sweet,
- fabulous summer wine,

- short finish.

foo foo leblanc - Sauvignon Blanc
Of course I was leaning towards this one with it's cute poodle label.  (wink, wink)

- aroma of green apples,

- smooth,
- pear flavors,
- light,
- the ultimate summer wine.

- nice finish.

Portrait of a Mutt - Zinfandel
This was a stand out for us all; surprisingly as we do not often drink Zinfandel.

- plum aroma

- smooth,
- spicy/oak flavors,
- flavors all come together as one,

- blackberry finish.

Can I please taste some wine?  Nope, no wine for dogs.  

Merlot Over and Play Dead - Merlot

- earthy aroma,

- great flavor,
- light but full bodied,
- smooth,
- hint of chocolate,
- notes of smoke,

- light lingering finish.

Chateau d'Og - Cabernet Sauvignon

- warm peppery aroma,

- palate is full with flavors.
- subtle tannin,
- touch of tobacco,
- black cherry,
- peppery smooth,

We did not drink all of the wine on Saturday so we were able to try them once again on Sunday.  As wine does, they took on new flavors as they got their legs.  These reviews were from the first taste test.  All the wines were lovely with everyone having their own favorite but the big star was the Zinfandel.

My own preference for wine is a smooth, full bodied, dry.  I do not enjoy a sweet wine but a slight touch of sweetness in a light white can enhance an afternoon glass or two.  I will be heading over to the Mutt Lynch website to stock up and hope to take a trip  to their winery before long.  Cheers.