And Penny Makes 3

I am so happy that I captured this moment; these girls love their man.  

Does it get any cuter than this?  Luke learning to tolerate Penny.

Here you can see Elsa intervening.  She does not like when Penny bothers Luke so steps in to fix the problem constantly.  

Submissive girl.  

Being disciplined for bothering Luke.  You can see Elsa's upper and lower jaw completely engulfing Penny's neck.  Penny knows that this is coming when she bothers Luke.  

Girls just wanna have fun. 

Luke looking to Mom for some reassurance after interacting with Penny.

Another disciplining.

Elsa trying to get Penny to chase her with the ball.

Just beautiful. 

Young sunbather.

More fun with Luke as their pillow.

Hmmmmmm...a caterpillar which Penny ate moments after.  Disgusting. 

Another caterpillar in the bucket.