Looking back

Lately I've been looking back; remembering the months gone by, but I try not to do it often.  One of my all time favorite quotes is "don't look back, you're not going that way." I'd much rather pull up a great memory when I think about my dogs but sometimes looking back helps us with a life lesson or two.  I often sit and talk about our dogs who are now gone.  You know the "remember when," moments?

Almost all dog lovers have at one time lost a great companion.  It is never easy; no matter what age they are when it happens.     Losing a canine companion is life altering.  But all the years spent with canine companions give us so much joy and alter the very person who we are.  When I do take a moment to look back at who I was then; before my life with dogs began and who I am today, I like today's person much better.  What do our dogs teach us?  Look back and see.

Each and every dog who has passed through my life has given me something.  A life lesson can be found in almost every day spent with a canine.  Living with dogs keeps us humble; oh yes, we all know those lovely humble moments.  They usually arrive when we are pumped up and ready to brag or show off.  ie.  You have arrived at your best friends house with your new dog.  You are about to go into your "oh yes, he is the smartest dog ever" routine when your pride and joy hunches over and takes a dump on your friends beautiful cream colored carpet.  You know those moments.

Our dogs also teach us what is important in life.  It is the little things, it truly is.  If you take the time to watch your dog; just watch your dog doing anything.  A moment when you dog is lost in deep sleep; dreaming about who knows what, but running madly.  When they meet friends in the park and have a smile from ear to ear.  The joy your dog takes from being told it is meal time; the small things.

Looking back can be a bad thing but it can also be a great thing.  Dwelling is the difference.  Don't look back and dwell on what could have been or should have been.  Look back and remember those small moments.  The things you learned from your dog that you will bring forward into this very moment in your life.