Another hump day

                   This photo was taken with my laptop camera.  Not great but it will do in a pinch.  They've come a long way with computer and phone cameras. 

Well I've officially been without my main computer for a week.  I pick it up today, so I'm hoping that they fixed the blue screen issue.  I feel very lost without it; even though just hours before the crash I got a new laptop.  My main PC is the hub of my life; it is where I write, upload photos and stay connected throughout the day.  I love my office as well, both Elsa and Luke love it too so it will be nice to put my computer back in its home and get back to work.  I really like this new laptop but it is not my computer.  For one thing it has Windows 8 on it which I'm trying to get a handle on.  It is pretty easy but getting use to it is something else.  But I'm getting there. 

This new laptop has no disc drive so that means no putting old software into it.  Hmmmmmmmm???  When I was looking at all the new ones without disc drives I sat staring and pondering; this was going to be some work to dig up codes for online software.  Either dig up the old or go with the flow and buy new.  For Photoshop I'm going to have to go with new; upgrading to the newest version.  That's fine, I was meaning to do it anyway.  This laptop is light weight, so it can be dragged along with me everywhere which will enable me to write on the fly.  Nice.

So I have a new phone, new laptop and hopefully repaired office computer.  I'll be all set as far as my technology needs go.  Now to make them work for me.  I'm nearing the end of my training book and will hopefully have it out before Christmas.  My second book about my trip from CA to CT and back again is also nearing completion.  That one is a tough write so it is taking much longer. 

My main website is getting a much needed facelift.  New and exciting additions are coming but it will be a while until everything is up and running smoothly.  I am working on a webinar as well.  The first one is well under way and ideas for future webinars are in the works.  So stay tuned for that. 

I have incorporated my consultation packages on my website now and am excited to hear from and help those of you out who need it. 

Lots of changes coming and only one direction to go, straight ahead.