Canines, amazing.

What came to mind as I opened my computer this morning and thought about blogging was dogs.  Hahaha, very funny, right?  No I mean just dogs; (another slip, oops) dogs in the simplest form.  Not their behavior, not problems, not a story or something I saw, simply dogs.  Laying across my legs is Elsa, her 600 lb body causing me to shift uncomfortably and beside her, closer to the end of the bed is Luke.  They are doing nothing; both are deep in sleep but even then they bring me such joy.  Just watching them as they twitch away in their dreams makes me happy. 

Much of our time together is spent just being; coexisting within a moment.   When given the chance they will always choose to follow me.  Where I lie or sit, they are by my side.  There are no words spoken but much is understood in the silence.  We are one. 

When you bring a dog into your family; there is much anticipation, sometimes expectation.  What does a dog consider when they are added to a new family?  Do they have hopes and dreams?  Doubtful, what they want is companionship; a being to chill with in their day to day.  Living with dogs is all about... living with dogs.  A redundant statement; yes, but one that can be missed by it's simplicity. 

Our job as a guardian of canines, is to care for and give our dogs a wonderful life.  That not only means offering great nutrition, socializing, exercise and comfort but a oneness that can only be achieved with a dog.  Many people live with dogs without ever truly knowing a dog.  There is nothing like it; when you finally connect with a dog the way that it should be, you will no doubt be changed forever.  It can be that one connection that moves you into the true dog person realm.  I remember having a discussion years ago with a woman who had four dogs.  When I spoke of knowing what my dogs were thinking she asked "how do you know what they are thinking?"  This question left me full of my own questions; one being "how do you not know?"  She did not know because although she had four dogs at her house; she did not truly live with her dogs, they were outside dogs. 

Exterior makes no difference to a connection.  From the largest, furriest giant dog to the hairless, tiny munchkins; there is a connection to be made with each and every one.  All are different just like we are all different.  But the difference is only in the image and personality; the canine amazingness is in each.  It is a connection that lets us see the amazing in a dog.  If you have never had a connection that has changed your very being then it is time to make one.  First contact, is a powerful one.  Allowing yourself to be swept away by the true awesomeness of a dog is so powerful that you cannot be left unchanged by it.  

Once you have made a true connection with a dog it will happen again and again.  This can happen with dogs who are strangers; not only your own dog or dogs.  I find myself quite smitten within moments of meeting other dogs.  I love the heart of a canine.  When I have the chance to meet and connect with other dogs I am always left with a sense of honor.  I may not get to live with them, but we had a fleeting connection.  It is the little things.