DON'T LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave them at home.  

I honestly cannot believe how many times I have had to hunt down owners who have left their dogs in a hot car.  Luke, Elsa and I were just at the park for a nice walk.  We pulled up beside a van as I saw the owner of the van walking towards the community center.  I got out and as soon as I lifted the hatch and Luke stuck out his head the dogs in the van beside us went off.  The whole van was shaking due to a large dog in the back having a fit.  I checked the windows to make sure that the dog was not going to come diving out at us and then got my own guys out.  I remained calm while the dogs were literally hurling themselves at the windows.  I wanted to relay to Luke and Elsa that this was a non issue.  The sun was just starting to peak out and I thought about the person who left these dogs here.

We went off on our walk; I knew that we would not be long, Luke can't walk that far anymore.  We met some nice dogs and had a short leisurely walk.  As we got close to the Xterra the dogs started again; they were going off on my guys and the sun was fully out.  I opened the hatch and gave Luke and Elsa a drink before getting in the car myself.  It was hot, too hot for those dogs to be in the car.  Yep, I had to do some more hunting.  I found a spot to park in the shade; an illegal parking spot but it was shadey.  I opened all the windows about 6 inches; locked the car and ran into the building.  I gave the girl at the front desk a run down and she said that the person could be anywhere.  Not wanting to leave my own guys in the car long; even in the shade I ran.  Down the hall, looking into every room; trying to find the woman I'd seen leaving the van.

Finally, as I peered through the glass of the last door I saw her.  It was an exercise class so she would be in there a while.  The door was locked so I banged on it. The teacher of the class cracked the door open; she was bothered by my presence so I cut to the chase.  "That lady"I said, pointing to a woman in the middle of the room "has left her dogs in the car and it's hot." She closed the door and delivered my message.  I had to calm myself; going off on people doesn't help in these type of situations, it just makes them mad.  So in a very serious tone I told her; "leave your dogs at home."

She followed close behind me as we head to the door; all the while I was lecturing.  She thanked me twice so I did get the message across.  I ran out ahead of her making a b-line to my own dogs.  Hopping in the car I was happy that it wasn't hot; having been in the shade it didn't have time to heat up the short time I was hunting for the owner of the not so lucky dogs.  The woman's friends will do doubt ask what happened; and she will hopefully be honest and tell them.  Each person who learns will hopefully tell one other person.


Cars heat up quickly, even if it is only 70 degrees outside; the inside of a car can become sweltering.  Why risk it?  Leave your dogs at home; in the safety and comfort of their own surroundings.  Not only were these dogs subjected to heat that they should not have to endure; but they were stressed to boot.  They would have been much happier at home; waiting for their Mom to return.  Honestly.