What's your favorite?

I love my mornings; sitting here as the sun peeks over the trees as I blog.  Luke and Elsa deep in sleep and dreams.  It is one of my favorite times of the day; the part before my day actually starts.  Sometimes Elsa is watching the yard for anything that might need her attention; like doves who think that they can land here.  Another of  my favorite times is our t.v. time.  I enjoy sitting on the couch with the dogs; relaxing at the end of the day.  But what makes it even more special is that it is Luke's absolutely favorite time of the day.  Each  night after dinner he waits for the smallest of signals that we are heading down to the family room.  He spins at the top of the stairs, spins at the bottom and spins until he is situated in "his" spot beside Mom. 

What is your favorite?  Of course almost every moment with our dogs are great but there are favorite times that you spend together.  Perhaps it is on a cool morning walk.  Up and out before the rest of the world; enjoying the peace before the day gets under way.  Maybe hitting the dog park or beach is your favorite?  Yesterday afternoon I was spent from the heat; I am not a fan of the heat we've been having and I plunked down on the couch.  Both Luke and Elsa stood looking at me.  It is rare that I sit there in the middle of the day.  They watched for a moment to see if I was going to stay there or move.  Once they saw that I was there for a bit they both joined me, nice. 

I truly love so much time spent with my dogs that it is hard to decide what is my favorites are.  Although I think that hiking is at the top of the list.  Meandering through the forest watching them rip and tear in all directions is about as good as it gets for me.  It has been my favorite since I had my very first dog, Mandy.  My Airedale Terrier who was an amazing dog and my constant companion.  We went everywhere together and our favorite activity was walking in the woods.  Back then we could walk for hours without ever seeing anyone else.  That is pretty special.  Every so often I'd sit and just watch her; there is much joy to be had in watching a dog have fun. 

The more time that I spend with dogs and the older that I get; I realize that just time is joy itself.  Sure there are good times, great times and not so great times together.  But some of the best are just time and nothing else.  Like this very moment; we are all piled together just enjoying. 

Great joy can be got from giving to our dogs.  Preparing for an outing strictly for them turns a moment into a great one.  Those moments are the ones that would not happen were it not for your dog and I have to say that many of those turn into the most memorable.  Taking a trip to the beach early in the morning for Luke and Elsa is never a bad idea.  If it were just me here; I'd hit the gym and then get to work.  But instead I opt for the beach walk because Luke loves the beach and of course so does Elsa. 

So what is your favorite time with your dog?  Do you have a favorite or is every moment with your canine as great as the next? 

Whatever it is,  have a great day today.