"You can see our puppies," the head of rescue said.  "What?" I replied.  When I arrived midday on Tuesday, to photograph some Greyhounds for Hemopet; I had no idea that I would be seeing Greyhound puppies.  I was shocked and so were they; when one of their rescues arrived pregnant.  A first for the facility.  A first but oh so amazing and wonderful.  Puppies.  
These beautiful puppies were born and raised at Hemopet.  After their Mother came in as a rescue they discovered that she was pregnant.  I'm thinking that these puppies landed in heaven for somewhere to start off.  Round the clock care and tons of socializing. 

Imagine my excitement?  I have never worked with a Greyhound puppy, never photographed a Greyhound puppy; heck I've never even seen one before.  At twelve weeks of age they resembled large, big boned Italian Greyhounds with very big feet.  
With the rarity of the event; these puppies were all spoken for before they hit the ground.  The puppies were temperament tested and placed in the most optimal home for each individual, nice.  They all go home to very excited families this Saturday. 

After photographing some of the adults; I got my chance to meet the babies.  It's a good thing that all of these babies have homes to go to on the weekend.  That is all I'm saying.  

Greyhounds all have different ear sets; some have both up, one up, both down etc.  This little one's ears just popped up.  

Of course there was much puppy play to watch.  

Lots of chomping on each other.

Someone needed a nap.

This bush in the middle of their play area seemed to be a favorite spot to hide.

Honestly, I mean honestly.

What a cheeky pup.

Just adorable.

Another adorable face.  It's almost unreal how cute these little faces are.  Greyhounds come in a huge array of color and mix of colors.  Within the brindle spectrum is a whole range of markings and base color.  It is very interesting to see the differences.  

As well as hiding under, bushes are good to have a chew on.  
Another day to remember.  :)  A special thanks to Betty for letting me experience and photograph the litter. 
Three years ago I photographed and published a book on the rescue Greyhounds of Hemopet.  100% of the profit from the books go to help the dogs of Hemopet.