Happy Anniversary - Elsa.

This was taken just moments ago as I blog.  How lucky am I? 

It is Elsa and our 2nd Anniversary; the Anniversary of when we she joined our family that is. Two years ago today my husband and I gathered our things and headed to LAX for a very special delivery.  With a knot in my stomach, I checked my watch again.  We didn't want to be late for our package.  I have to admit I was a bit flustered; I was very nervous about the flight and could not wait until she was in my arms.  With my toe tapping, the drive seemed to be never ending.  Of course as things go, we got turned around; ending up somewhere that was not where we were to be.  My anxiety level grew as we turned around and found our way to our correct destination.   As we pulled into the parking lot of a huge building set away from the airport; I opened the door before we were in park.  I remember thinking "all will be good when she is in my arms." 

Walking (more like running) into the building I went straight to the front desk.  "I have a package" I blurted out, "a puppy."  The woman checked over my paper work, and got on her radio.  Our package was on it's way and she asked me to wait; she would call me when it arrived.  Again, my toe tapped out of control.  This was no regular puppy delivery; no, this was my puppy delivery.  A puppy that I had waited for, for a very long time.  One that had been specially chosen to join our family; the family that already had three much loved canine members.   Two who were well into their senior years at 14 and 15 years of age.  Luke was the baby at the time but things were about to change. 

The woman behind the desk called me to complete the paper work.  She smiled and said "she's adorable."   "What?" I said, "you've seen her?"  The woman nodded her head and said "she's letting everyone know what she thinks, quite the confident little thing."  The woman asked about her color; she'd never seen such a beautiful blonde.  Funny, I had always called Luke my blonde beach boy.  Within minutes of completing my final signature she motioned for us to head around to the side door. 

We walked into a gigantic warehouse and stepped up to the "do not pass this line," mark.   Our puppy was in this warehouse somewhere?  I was a little taken back; I'd never picked a puppy up from a flight so I had no idea that they were delivered here.  A moment later a skid loader rounded the corner with a tiny crate on top of a skid on the front.  "Is this a joke," I thought.  They put this tiny puppy on a skid that was hoisted to us by a loader?  Honestly.  No matter, there she was and as I stepped out to grab the small crate off; I could see her, there she was.  After all the time waiting, worrying and wondering; there she was. 

I was close to tears when she finally came off the skid.  So much anticipation had finally ended with her arrival.  Elsa came to us the day after our wedding anniversary; so we celebrate two anniversaries together now.  Yesterday marked 29 years married for my husband and I.  Today we have spent two years with our amazing girl.  I remember that first day like it was yesterday.  From the moment she entered our home, met her three new canine family members and all the human ones too she made herself quite at home.  She was a very confident little thing; there was no mistaking her body language.  She clearly stated as she ran out into our yard "stand back;  I, Elsa, have arrived."  From that very special day; our life changed drastically.  Elsa has seen much in her two years with us; she has had a great deal of adventure already.  What a beautiful and wonderful adult she has grown into and I cannot wait to experience our future together.  To our amazing girl, Elsa.