You are what you eat

Yesterday's blog was a repost about toxic algae.  It is a post that I like to put out there every year in hopes I that it might save a dog or two.  Before I read about a dog losing it's life to it; I'd never head of toxic algae.  Please tell anyone you know about it. 

The rest of the week I want to round out with nutrition.  We are what we eat; is the saying right?  I was in Target yesterday picking up a few things and walked past the pet section.  Funny, I'm so into dogs; but that is one area I've only visited once in the past.  That one time was to read ingredients and since then, I haven't been back.  I don't check out the dog section in the grocery store and the only dog stuff I check out at Costco are the beds.  Why?  Because what they sell is crap.  Bottom line.

When I see an advertisement on television for a new food product I make a mental note, do not buy.  Yep, it goes against everything that those companies are planning but I am not buying what they are selling.  I have bought several dog food brands over the years that were scooped up by the big conglomerates.  Once they move to the big leagues, everything changes.  Quality goes down, quantity goes up and typically the prices goes down as well.  I see this in human and dog food. 

I don't buy food or anything else in the big pet stores either.  I like the small stores, the ones who do their research and care what they sell.  Oh no, there are not a lot of them out there.  But they are worth finding.  I have one not far from me and it is where I go when I need dog food.  The owners research and have very high standards.  They can tell me just about anything I ask as far as food goes.  It's really nice to talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.  Think the kid behind the counter at Petco or Petsmart knows about nutrition?  I think not. 

The more you research the more you find, the more you find the more you have to research.  Of course that is only if you have an inquiring mind.  Not everyone wants to know, nor do they care what is good and bad in food.  A bag of dog food is a bag of dog food and that is all they need to know.  That's fine, but if you want what is best for your dog; stay out of the big box stores.  Don't buy food or treats there; because there you will not find quality.  Although you will most definitely find quantity. 

They wouldn't sell stuff that is bad for our dogs right?  I remember having this conversation with my son years ago about organic food.  He didn't see the reason to buy organic and stood strong on his belief that the FDA would not knowingly allow toxins in our food.  Well that son of mine is the biggest health food person that I know now.  With a little research, knowledge and more research he has discovered some truths about food. 

I am in no way telling you what to feed or buy for your dog.  But if you are concerned with health and nutrition, read the label.  What's in that bag of grub you've bought for your best friend? 

Tomorrow's blog will be on protein and muscle growth.