New information

When you get new information, what do you do with it?  Do you keep it to yourself?  Share it immediately?  Information or something new is an interesting thing.  Unless we have scientific proof to back up the information then it is just that; something new that we have heard.  Of course it is nice when you can back information up with scientific proof but even then it is something that you can agree or not agree with.  Let's face it, over the years there have been many tests done on different things that have misleading and/or completely bogus.   

"Sherri, what would you do?"  This is a question that I have heard many, many, many times.  When I talk with dog owners; whether they are a client, someone I just ran into or a friend, I like to share.  Over the years I have dealt with a lot of dog people and I learned very early on that you cannot force information on people.  When I offer information I do in tiny pieces.  I give a little and if that person wants more, they ask.  If not then I am not making enemies by forcing information down someone's throat or wasting my time.  If someone wants to know what I would do, I will tell them straight up.  I will never tell someone else what to do but will share what I do.  Just because I do it does not make it right or wrong; it is simply what I do.  I feel good about my decisions and if I make a wrong one then I own it. 

Through the years when I have given my opinion on certain subjects; there have been times when whoever I am talking to says "oh my friend says this."  Their friend has had one dog and is giving their opinion as the one and only way to do things.  They ask me what I would do and as I explain they cut in to tell me what their friend says again.  That is when I know that I am wasting my time and shut up.  Sharing information with people who aren't listening is a waste of time.  They don't have to agree but if they are not open to listen and ponder then why waste your breath?   

Humans are funny, aren't we?  There are some who are just happy living with the knowledge that they have at the moment; they are  not interested in new and improved sort of ideas.  There are people who are nay sayers and those who want to find the truth.  When people try to ram their opinions down the throat of others, it typically backfires.  I know when I run into a person who thinks that their opinion is the only opinion I tend not to listen.  People who puff up their chest and spew facts like they are a walking encyclopedia do the whole sharing of knowledge an injustice.  

Sharing is a great thing.  When you find some new and interesting information, share it.  Ask questions and debate over it but don't force.  I blog, which means that I share a great deal of information.  There have been times when someone has felt the need to attack me and/or my opinion.  That doesn't go over so well with me.  In no way do I think that I have all the answers, nor do I think that everyone should think the way that I do.  But do not try to smother my opinion with yours.  When people try so hard to show that you are wrong, they tend to alienate themselves.  If instead, they asked questions and debated something that they felt strongly with, we all learn.  Right?

Nothing is guaranteed; life unfolds as we live it and experience comes with age.  Each and every day we learn something new; even if you think that you don't.  Sometimes the smallest of things that come to light are the most important.  Sharing to those who are willing to listen is a great thing.  I can't imagine finding out some new canine fact that I think is extremely important for others to know and deciding to keep it to myself.  So I share and you should too.  Knowledge is a gift, share it.