One dog at a time

           Several years ago Courage was nearly starved to death.  News traveled fast as
           people who cared shared.  He was rescued, saved, rehabilitated and has a happy home.

Imagine if every dog lover shared one thing that made a dog's life better with another?  Just imagine the chain reaction?  I have always wanted to share pieces of information to dog lovers; hence the blog and the ability to hit more people.  Of course not everyone will want to share what they read here but maybe a few will.  How about chains around dog's necks?  Many people now know that it is not a good thing; dog necks were not made to withstand a yanking chain around their neck.  Some people will share this info and if it even spreads as a trickling share, it is still being shared.
When I find new information, articles, blogs and research studies that I think are important I will share.

These days there are so many ways to share so much.  You can share via social media, blogs, videos and pretty much anything you find on the internet.  How many dogs have been saved because of social media?  I know that the little foster gal I had just a few weeks ago came to me via FB.  Otherwise I may have not known about her need for a foster at all.  Social media surely speeds things up; not everyone has time to visit all the places that we'd like to on a day to day but we can check in on our social media, right?

What about Puppy Mills?  Is it even possible that some people don't know?  Well, I'd have to say no but I believe that some people only sort of know.  The actual truth about Puppy Mills can be very hard to listen to but we must and we must also share.  For the more knowledge that is spread that harms dogs the better dog futures will look.  Ending pain, suffering and cruelty starts with all of us in the form of sharing and stepping up.  See cruelty happening?  Step forward and speak up.  I remember years ago when I was at a dog park just photographing dogs having fun when I heard a commotion about twenty feet away from me.  I watched for a moment and assessed the situation before approaching. I most definitely knew that I was probably going to be at least yelled at but I stepped forward anyway.  A guy was slapping his dog because the dog was licking his stitches.  The man was violently angry; he said he'd already had to have his dog's stomach restitched (but he was at the dog park?).  "Stop hitting your dog," I said and stood firm.  "Mind your own f&%*ing business, b&#$@h" he said to me.  He was the type of person that would hit a dog and maybe even me I thought.  We got into it pretty intensely I'd say but he did stop.  About 20 min. later he even apologized but I'm sure it was just because there were others in the park.

The way you share any sort of information plays hugely on how it will be received.  Of course I was not polite about the idiot hitting his dog but any other time I am.  I offer information by pieces and if someone wants to know more I will share more.  Telling people that what they are doing is wrong, will almost always be taken as an insult to them as a dog owner; and your opportunity to share will be lost.  If at some point you share information and that person then says "I never knew, thank you;" then you have done very well in your delivery.

How can you know something so important about dogs and not share it with at least one person?  I don't know how many times I have stopped to talk to someone and ended up sharing a ton of information just because they were so receptive.  Sharing is good, pass it on.  Know a great new rescue?  Share it.  Know of a dog looking for a home?  Share it.  How about a Veterinarian who deserves sharing?  A recall on food or treats, share it.  Share it and let's make our dog's world a whole lot better, one dog at a time.