"He almost died," I heard the woman say as I approached.  She was explaining what happened to her little dog after ingesting SNAIL BAIT.  He was acting strange, staggering and shaking so they had a look in the garage and sure enough; there was the SNAIL BAIT.  Lucky for them he came to find them; even shaking and staggering he sought them out for help.  They grabbed the pup and head off to the Veterinarian immediately.  Calling ahead, the Veterinarian was ready for them when they arrived; a great plan when emergency hits.  Making sure that the facility was prepared for what was coming; they were able to begin working to save the little dog immediately.

SNAIL BAIT poisoning is far too common; over the years I've heard of several deaths close to me.  Realizing that your dog has eaten the substance and quick response in essential.  Many dogs died with their owners never knowing what happened.  SNAIL BAIT kills quickly.  Dogs find it appealing because it resembles kibble. 


Symptoms start quickly and intensify; you must get your dog to the Veterinarian fast.  Even if you are not sure what your dog got into, get them to the Vet.

There are many things around the home and in your garage that can poison your dog.  A common product like Windshield wiper fluid can be lethal.  If your dog has any access at all to the garage, basement or storage area where any of these type products are held, get them up.  Put anything and everything up high on a shelf.  Some dogs are notorious for eating things; even things that taste awful so don't put faith in "he wouldn't eat this," notion.  Always prepare for the worst case scenario; that in fact your dog does want to give some sort of poison a try. 

Windshield wiper fluid

I don't like using anything toxic in  my home.  Of course there are probably a few things around.  Keeping those items that are toxic to a minimum is a good idea.  Poisons, like SNAIL BAIT or RAT/MOUSE POISON should just be avoided completely.  As far as snails go, just step on them.  Oh, I know what you are thinking......gross!!!!!!!  Yep, gross but a quick death; far more humane than being poisoned and suffering a slow and painful death.  Plus there is no chance of your dog being poisoned; if you keep it around there is always a chance.  We had a huge snail issue many years ago.  I would get a container and pick snails first thing in the morning.  I am not kidding you when I say that I could gather up 50 at a time in my yard.  I'd package them up, take them to the canyon or open field and set them free there.

Pet Poison Hotline

Be very aware of the products kept in your home.  Keep them out of reach and if you think that your dog may have gotten into something, go immediately to the Vet.  Quick action can save a dog.