This and that

Good Saturday morning.  Anything exciting happening this weekend?  I've got Penny for a week so I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of shooting.  It really is adorable just how much Elsa and Penny love each other.  From the moment Penny is in the house they are inseparable.  Right now Elsa and Penny are on the bed sleeping; something I wasn't sure could happen when they are together.  But I am glad that they have figured it out.  Of course they had a bit of help from me in that department.  Making rules about the bed is a good one.  When you have no choice but to sit still you tend to fall asleep. 

Yesterday the girls had a bath and then had a blast afterwards in the yard.  Could Elsa get anymore charged?  Yep, give her a bath and set her free with Penny.  No doubt these two will be exhausted come the end of the week and will both need a vacation of their own.  But for now they will enjoy each other's company with my ever watching eyes supervising their shenanigans. 

Now for Mr. Luke.  Last night I was at the beach shooting my son surfing.  It was an amazing evening, beautiful sunset and there were dogs.  Lots of dogs; not on the beach as they are not allowed on this particular beach but right up to the beach.  So as I sat on my very hard rock photographing I shot a couple of dogs too.  One nice woman sat close behind me with her Rhodesian.  He looked old, really old.  He walked slowly, his legs shook when he stopped and his entire face was grey.  As I left my shooting place I asked how old he was; "10 years,"  she said.  "Wow" I thought to myself; "Luke is doing pretty darn great."  This thought alone made me smile.   Not bad for an old man f 13. 

When I got home Luke and Elsa were at the door waiting.  Luke is a little more clinging when Penny is around.  I got a huge love fest and then moved into the kitchen to add one more to the group fest.  I have to be very careful of Luke with Penny here; it doesn't take much to knock the old guy down now.  But with strict supervision and rules; everything will go to plan.  Have a great weekend; I'll be hopping for sure.  :)  Pics Monday.