Holiday time

The holidays are now upon us; that means that there will be more hustle, bustle and changes.  Decorations will go up, you will be out shopping, friends may be over and time may be at a premium.  This time of year can be tough on dogs so it is important to make them a major priority.  Dogs don't understand the holidays; they just know that things are different.  There are many dogs who just go with the flow; change doesn't bother them.  But there are those who are upset by just one change, let alone a whole pile.  So depending on who your dog is will factor in on how much extra you must take to assure their comfort in the whole holiday season.

Exercise is one of the most essential ingredients for a happy dog.  Take that away and you can have a dog with too much pent up energy.  It is important for a dog who is accustom to a great deal of energy outlet to continue to get that same amount.  This will eliminate the stress of energy build up and keep their bodies feeling the same as always.

Along with not enough exercise is too much stimulation.  Like us, dogs need their sleep and if they don't get enough; things can go very wrong.  Your dog can display fall out behaviors from not enough sleep.  Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of issues so make sure that your gets enough sleep and rest.  Especially if they are use to a lot of it. 

There will be all of that extra food that is around as well.  Some will be dangerous for your dog; make sure all the goodies are up and out of reach.  Things can get left out when you are super busy or have a houseful of people; so keep an extra thought to the goodies.  Check, double check and check again that everything is picked up.  Children are notorious for leaving things around; make sure that there is no chocolate of other things laying around that your dog can get into.

If you will be away or traveling; make sure to consider your dog is comfy and safe.  Spending the Holidays with our dogs is just the best.  Pre training and pre holiday planning are the best tips. 

This is my absolute favorite time of year; I love it.  Enjoy it with a dog by your side. 

Let the Holidays begin.