Poop bags

This is the sign and dispenser just outside my door.  Obviously not enough.  

Poop, crap, feces, dung, excrement or shit; no matter what you call it, it's poop.  Frankly I'm sick of it; tired of it laying on the ground that is.  Left by the inconsiderate idiots who don't pick up after their dogs.  I have written about these humans before and I'm sure that I will write about them many times into the future.  I just don't get it; I truly don't.  I understand that some people have a difficult time with it but if you have a dog and walk them in public places; then you pick up poop, bottom line.  Luke, Elsa and I are in OR for a couple of weeks.  We are staying at a very nice townhome in a nice development.  The place is surrounded by green space and it is very dog friendly.  BUT, and this is a big BUT; it is very shitty, in that there is shit everywhere.  Not cool, not cool at all.

I'm appalled by all the people who turn a blind eye to their pooping dogs.  They let them poop and then walk away as if nothing just happened.  What I don't get is that they will be returning to the very same spot, day after day after day.  So, this means that their dog will very likely step in their own poop from the previous days; then track it into their home, nice right?  When we first looked at this place; the green space in close proximity was something I saw as a bonus.  Now I'm not so sure.  We can't use it, that is unless we want to walk through shit. 

All dogs crap, fact.  If you live with dogs you must pick up crap; it is as simple as that.  Of course you might have hired a service to pick it up at your home but if you go anywhere in public with your dog you are going to have to pick it up at some point.  Don't want to?   Well, no one wants to pick up poop.  After all the bags are thin and you can feel that shit right through the bag but it has to be done.  Fact.  Get the drift of this blog?  Pick up after your dog.

Hey, you people who don't pick up after your dog; think you are too busy?  Think you're too important to stoop and scoop, wrongo.  You got a dog?  Then you scoop.  What is so hard to understand about that?   This is not an exclusive club; no these non scoopers are everywhere, everywhere I've been anyway.  Anywhere there are dogs; there are not scoopers.  But for every non scooper, there are scoopers.  But we need to spread the word and call out those non picker uppers.

Here in OR, it rains; much more so than Southern California.  The great thing about that is that rain washes stuff away.  Of course it can only wash so much away; it cannot wash a full sized dog crap away.  No, the rain just turns a firm poop into a pile of mush.  If the poops are picked up as soon as they drop then the rain can do it's job and wash away the residue.  Residue is easy to get rid of; a bit of rain and it's gone and forgotten about.  But leave a big old crap on the ground and it just gets worse.  What are these non scoopers thinking?  Other than not thinking; maybe they are under the assumption that a magical poop fairy will appear and pick up after their dog?  The only poop fairy I know is named Sherri; and she only picks up after other dogs when she's about to fling it at someone.

The whole idea of it being bad to leave poop on the ground is not the only issue here.  Those non scoopers give us scoopers a bad name.  They ruin it for many of us when they fail to clean up after their dog.  Many events and facilities do not allow dogs at all because of this very reason.  I don't care who you are, where you live or what you do; if you have a dog, you pick up after them.

Having bags available everywhere is wonderful.  The fact that cities and facilities need to posts signs telling people to pick up after their dog is surprising.  Imagine having the bags right there in front of your face not being enough?  No, they need to ask us "please pick up after your dog."  Then those non scoopers don't.  Imagine.  They walk around the signs, around the bag dispenser and simply walk away.  Idiots.  Harsh?  Yep, and sad.  Honestly!!!!!