A day at the beach

    Scanning the beach, where to first?  Elsa and I drove down to San Diego yesterday so that we could beach it with my daughter Nicole and Penny.  We went to Fiesta Island where there is tons of room to run.  The whole island is designated "off leash" fun for dogs and at this time of year, there are no crowds to battle with.  Enjoy, I sure did.

    Elsa chased the ball; Penny chased Elsa, chasing the ball. 

    They ran and ran and ran some more.

     Penny was having a ton of fun.

    Elsa retrieved her ball and everyone else's; work to do on ball stealing.

    The floating retrieve.

    On this retrieve, Penny stopped halfway and waited for Elsa to return.  So much running.


    Love this.

    Penny is truly amazing with other dogs.  She just loves everyone. 

    Just having fun.

    Super, flying Bull Terrier.
     Ahhhh, a water retrieve; so great to see Elsa in the water again.

    Wading through the seaweed; Penny loves the stuff. 

    I cannot believe how high she was.

    Penny wants to know everything that Elsa is doing.

    Dog pile. 

After we got back to Nicole's house; the girls were not done with their fun.  They continued to brawl until the moment that Elsa and I left.  Penny and Elsa are the best of friends and it is such a joy to watch them loving their together time.