Say what?

"You know, poodles don't shed," he said; filling me in on a wonderful thing about my breed.  He then continued to tell me their history and standard.  I smiled, laughing inside as he was getting it wrong but humored him as long as I politely could.  Funny isn't it, when people feel the need to educate you?  Listening is a great thing and I try very hard to be a good listener.  But when someone has the bizarre need to spew incorrect facts at someone; it can be difficult to listen.  Depending on who is doing the talking it may just be better to move on rather than try to correct anything.  If you do intend on doing any correction or interaction you may need a bucket load of tact.

Tact - a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.

Discussion, debate and the general back and forth can be great.  It can also be very one sided and get ugly.  Let's face it, dogs are a sensitive subject.  No matter the subject, raw vs. dog food, grooming, sleeping arrangements, good number of dogs to have or training, interactions can become heated.  As a long time blogger, I know all too well about heat.  I am often sent very aggressive comments on my opinion.  The person may feel that I'm wrong and that it is there destiny to make me see the light, their light. 

I try to listen, but when someone gets rude, I shut them down.  Forcing, jamming or stuffing your opinion on someone else does nothing but turn them off.  People who jump on the rude and forceful wagon to deliver their message have yet to learn the art of sharing.  Sharing information is wonderful; but that is all it is, sharing.  You cannot make someone join in with your opinion.  People need to hear, assess, ponder and make their own opinions. 

Thankfully I have only dealt with a handful of very rude and obnoxious folks with regards to my blog.  In all of my years of training I only met one very obnoxious know it all; pretty good stats I think.  In my photography, I have never met any rude opinionated people yet.  Interactions and the sharing of learned information is wonderful; but it must be delivered in sharing format.  Once you get an accusing tone in your delivery; people tend to shut you off. 

Sometimes less is more; people will always ask for more if they want it.  But try to jam a ton of unrequested information at them and it will often backfire.  When asked I will always share what I can; but if no one asks, I will keep it to myself.  That is except for my blog and you have the option to just not read if you don't want to know. 

Have a great day.