This and that and friends.

Good morning, I'm up before the birds today and not too happy about it.  I've been waking up when  my son is up for work for about a week now.  Once I'm awake at 4:30 I can't get back to sleep, even with Elsa snuggled up close and snoring.  So I get the day started early, which I do like.  I've got my giant mug of coffee and some turkey meatloaf; yep, give me leftovers for breakfast any morning.  I'm not a morning food type of person; I'd much prefer a plate of lasagna, lentils or like this morning, meatloaf.  Elsa has had her share and is already back asleep.

Luke is still curled up in his massive bed; covered up with a fleece blanket, he's not budging anytime soon.  He doesn't eat this early in the morning so I saved him some meatloaf for when he is ready to open his eyes.  I love the fact that he is so comfortable in his bed and doesn't seem to be bothered that Elsa gets on the bed in the morning.  I ask him everyday if he'd like to come up in the morning; he is allowed up on the bed only when I'm in it and awake.  He's only taken me up on the offer a couple of times; mostly he rubs his head on his pillow and goes back to sleep. 

Yesterday afternoon Elsa and I headed over to the park to meet a new friend.  A new friend for Elsa that is.  A friend of mine and I have been trying to get the two together for a play date for quite sometime and yesterday was the day.  Friends are important and not just for us; it is great for our dogs to have friends.  We don't do dog parks so having lots of friends to hang out with is wonderful.  Elsa and I are heading to the marina this week to meet another friend for a walk.  Luke will go for his walk early and then be ready for a nap when we girls head out. 

It's funny how different dog friendly places are friendlier than others.  The Marina is a great place; we very rarely run into cranky dogs or people there.   Other places that we've visited are not so friendly.  It a thing that you can only know by experiencing each individual place.  I prefer places with space, elbow room.  I like to be able to move away if I feel the need which can eliminate possible issues.  The Marina gives us that and it's beautiful to boot. 

It is a busy time of year and getting busier by the day.  Getting out and about to meet friends is wonderful, both fur friends and human.  I love watching Elsa meet dogs that she has met before.  It takes but one meeting to be placed on her "friend" list.  Her behavior is entirely different from dogs she knows versus dogs that she has never met before.  When she sees a friend, who she may have only met one time, six months ago she gets her hinge on.  She resembles a dog with a hinge in the middle as she wags and wiggles.  She ADORES human friends as well; she can barely contain herself when she gets to meet up with friends.

It's going to be a warm one here in Southern California; Luke and Elsa got their haircuts just in time.  Even though it gets very warm some days here in the winter; it can get very chilly and downright cold at night.  Thursday is going to much cooler; almost 30 degrees cooler than today so I'll be dog sweater shopping for Luke and Elsa.  If anyone knows of great sweaters with lots of stretch for big deep chests, please let me know.  I have a very hard time finding a sweater or coat for Luke as he is built much like a Borzoi, very deep and narrow. 

I'm up early, it's dark and the sun is not even considering getting up yet; but, let the day begin, right?   

Got any play dates on the calendar?