Busy maintenance day

I spent my whole Sunday with Luke and Elsa.  :)
 Luke is all clean and fluffed from his bath.  Elsa knows he'll be ready to play.
Sunday, and I decided to spend it with Luke and Elsa.  My weeks are so busy that it is hard to fit it all in.  I really wanted to give both Luke and Elsa a bath, trim them up a bit; do nails and pluck ears so I took Sunday to get it all done. 
Of course I also got the camera out; it's been a while and I love shooting my guys.  Enjoy, I did.

Teasing him with the ball.

The brawling begins.

But short lived because it's Elsa's time for a bath.

Always on guard.

Luke enjoying the sun but sliding off the lounge.

It wasn't until both legs were off that he noticed he was falling off. 

Goatee trimmed up.

Dry and ready for some retrieving and catching.

Intense much?

She can catch 24/7

It is more than just a game to her.

Elsa's Border Collie face. 

If she misses, its my fault.  She never misses a good throw.

See ya tomorrow!!