Hello 2014

Well, a Happy New Year to everyone.  Over the holidays we took Elsa down to visit Penny and Nicole again.  We took another trip to Fiesta Island.  Here are some of the pics, continuation of photos on tomorrows blog.

So glad to see Elsa enjoying the water.

Penny loved chasing Elsa, chasing the ball.


A beautiful doberman who wandered by very shortly.

Penny wasn't too sure if she wanted to meet this guy. 

Penny followed a dog way up the hill.  Watching us from up above.

Elsa went in up to the point of having to swim, that is the next step. 

Dad throwing the ball in the water again and again and again.

Penny loves to run with her Mom.

This little guy was determined to catch Penny, hilarious. 

Elsa's ball was too far for her to get so Penny went in to get it.  Then a Golden joined them.

More tomorrow.  :)