New day, new digs and fun.

So how do you like the new look?  I didn't change a whole lot; just enough to give the page a little face lift.  We have another year ahead of us; as of January 1st, 2014 you had 364 more days until the next.  What are you going to do with this year?  It is always the question, new year, now what?  With each new year we can change, promise ourselves to be a better person, do more etc. etc. etc.  What about if we all just decided to have more fun?  That is after all, what our dogs would say to do.

Fun - something that provides mirth or amusement; enjoyment or playfulness.

We all know what fun means; at least our own personal meaning of it.  But do we make fun a goal in our life?  I don't think often enough.  We should do something that we consider enjoyable each and everyday; but too often life gets in the way of fun.  Several years ago I made a very bold statement while bringing in a New Year.  "I'm not doing anything I don't want to do anymore," was the gist of it.  What that one phrase did was change my whole outlook on the fun in my life. 

If things work out for us, we all have many years to look forward to.  Our dogs have much less than we do; sad but true, their lives are far too short on this earth.  So fun is even more important for them.  Do you strive to give your dog fun?  I do.  Offering them an outlet for fun on a daily basis is big time fun for me; it is one of my favorite things to do.  Does it take a lot of time?  Money?  No.  That is one of the great things about fun.  You can have fun in a moment, anytime of the day and you can have it several times a day.  Fun is what you make of it.  Fun is a very individual thing.  What is fun for me may not be fun for you at all.  Your dog may consider fun to be retrieving a ball non stop for hours fun (Elsa), while another would never think of this activity as fun.  Another might want to swim all day long; maybe romp in the snow or hunt lizards, all fun but not for everyone.  Like us, dogs are all different.

Finding the perfect combination of what you and your dog consider fun can take time.  Dogs are easy, the hard part is finding the right activity that we consider fun as well.  I see lots of people out walking their dog every day who are clearly not having fun.  What is it about walking their dog that they don't find fun?  They have put the walking of their dog in the 'chore' category instead of the 'time spent with their dog' one.  I for one love walking my dogs.  It is a time that I give to them; it is all for them but the fallout from it is my enjoyment. 

Having fun feels good.  Giving fun feels good; when the two are combined, well it's just plain awesome.  Fun is just too wonderful to schedule once a week or twice a month.  Fun should be had everyday.  It is one of the simplest things to achieve and accessible to everyone.  Fun can be found just about anywhere; but if you are not looking it might just pass you by.  Don't let fun evade you this year; do it, have it and enjoy it.  Make your own fun and offer it up to your dog daily.  Our dog's know how to have fun, now if we could all just figure it out as well.