What's going on?

Standing staring, it was one of those "where do I start" moments.   I had a huge task before me and wasn't quite sure where to begin.  Not so very long ago my husband and I had put a new fence up in the backyard.  It was a fence to keep the dogs from falling down a pretty steep hill out back.  It looked great, and it did the job.  But it had rusted out long before it's time; basically it was a piece of crap fence.  So, I had to take it all down yesterday as Elsa supervised.  Behind the fence has always been off limits to her; it was there when she came to live with us.  As the first panel came down she very hesitantly poked her head through.  Looking at me for the okay to move further she was stretched out forwards but ready to bolt backwards if needed.  To her, this was the place where only Mom was allowed. 

I didn't want to banish her from the area; so I allowed her to mosey around as I dismantled the fence in it's entirety.  Many of the pieces had fused together with rust; and pulling the spikes from the ground that were now grown over with roots was a huge struggle.  I kept one eye on my job and the other on Elsa.  As I got into the task I realized that Luke was not with us and was surprised that he hadn't joined us; he's so nosey typically.  But he was on his spot on the couch inside and watching from there.  Elsa was fascinated by the whole thing; she was sniffing every inch of this new forbidden land.

A new fence will be going up today; a much smaller and less containing one.  As such I wanted the rule to remain, no going behind the fence.  So as much as I let Elsa sniff around and explore; I still kept the regulations intact.  I control the area, even though no fence exists.  What she really wanted behind the fence was the fresh long grass.  We allow it to grow wild back there and the long grass is always just out of reach.  So she indulged in some pre-dinner salad.  That is when Luke joined us; perhaps he smelled Miss Elsa chomping back on the grass.  He loves grass and the two were soon side by side like a pair of cows. 

After I got everything put away and cleaned up I watched as both Luke and Elsa investigated the area.  Funny the fence had been put in mostly for Tilley's safety a few years back; but now I was worried about Luke falling down.  He had been there as the fence was erected; a much younger and agile man back then.  As I headed into the house I turned to see Luke just standing, looking.  I smiled seeing him take it all in.  Such a deep thinking guy he is.  Walking through the kitchen door; I was flanked by both Luke and Elsa.  Even though the new no fence thing was interesting; they are still more concerned about where I am and what I am doing.  So with the two close behind I got out an exercise pen to block off access to the now accessible steep hill; until I can get the other fence in place. 

I'm sure today will also bring much curiosity with the change.  New plants will be put in but the old perimeter will be back in place.  No doubt, I will have two poodles helping me.