One moment at a time.

The sun shining through Luke's goatee is for me, a moment to share.  :)

Life goes by far too quickly.  The older you get, the faster it goes.  Over the years I have tried to slow down; not do less but take each moment in more.  I am big fan of "being in the moment."  Don't always be thinking about something else or somewhere else; try to live each moment as it unfolds.  If you don't then you have missed that moment in your life.  Moments do not come again; once they are gone, they're gone. 

Moments should be savored. 

Yesterday I was in HomeGoods; when I heard a woman on her phone.  She was very loud and having a extremely private conversation.  Shaking my head a few aisles over from her; I could not believe how loud she was.  I cannot stand when people talk on the phone in a store.  If it's an emergency then okay but otherwise just wait until you get back to your car at least.  Everyone in the store does not want to be a part of your conversation, honestly.  She was so loud that you could not get away from her.  Unfortunately the woman was in my aisle several times; causing me to have to maneuver around her obliviousness.  I thought to myself "she's not even really here."  Things like this can drive home the "live in the moment" message. Another woman and I rolled our eyes as we stood in the next aisle from the loud talking one.  We had a little chat about dog toys and she told me about her little dog at home.  Leaving the store, I was happy to get away from the conversation that I did not want to be a part of. 

The other day as I was walking Luke on his snail pace walk; I stopped for a moment to snap a photo of him.  The sun was still low in the sky and made for a great pic to send to his Dad.  His Dad is away and I like to send "moments" to him when I can.  As I quickly texted the photo to it's destination, I placed the phone back in my pouch where it stays for my walks.  I do not want the phone interfering in my "Luke" time.  Taking in everything when you are out with your dog teaches you so much.  You learn from your dog every day.  Just watching them meander around the path, sniff, watch and experience; you learn about your dog on a very personal level. 

"Live in the moment," is very easy to say but is it easy to do?  It if you make a point of trying.  Our lives are getting busier and we tend to multi-task.   "Guilty," I am a huge multi-tasker.  But, when I get doing too much at one time; something always slips by the wayside.  Rushing tends to create anxiety; anxiety causes stress and stress is horrible for us and our dogs.  In most cases, the act of rushing is useless and just leaves us stressed without any positive results.  You have to consciously tell yourself to slow down; and when you do, you will improve every aspect of your day and your dog's. 

Make time, take time and give time.