A new ball and more cell phone fun.

Elsa got a new ball.  I decided to get a few images of her catching but was frankly too lazy to run up and get my good camera.  So I took the challenge and used my cell phone.  It has a bad lag, something that I am not use to with my good cameras.  If the subject is moving it has even more lag.  So I worked on my lag timing.  

These are straight out of the cell phone; nothing done to them.  

I discovered that I had to actually take the photo before I threw the ball.  It's much like the old pat your head and rub your stomach thing.  It's a good thing I didn't end up throwing my cell phone.  

Elsa waiting for another throw and Luke coming to see what all the raucous is about. 

A little close but nice shot. 

The girl has great form. 

Awaiting another toss. 

Tip toe catch.

Ooops, too late. 

Just a fraction of a second too early.  

Maybe a millionth of a second too late?

Threw the ball too high.


Catching on the bounce. 

A little close.


I love this one, even though the ball  is missing.

Cutie pie.  

Love the shadow and check out that chest.  :)

A little crop and a few tweaks in Photoshop makes it look completely different. 

These are just a few, I have lots more; some don't even have Elsa in them.  Working with a lag is tough but I had fun trying.  I hope this motivates you guys to get out your cell phone or camera.  Whether you are using an old digital camera or a cell phone, it takes work to get the shot.  The more lag, the more in tuned you have to be to timing and catching that moment. 
There's a lot more to getting a great shot than having a great camera.    
You don't have to have a professional camera to take great shots.  It just takes practice, sometimes lots and lots of practice.