Fun with shadows, my cell phone and stay.

I was waiting for Luke to finish, eating that is.  Elsa was done long before him so as I waited I watched.  I noticed that the light was great for casting perfect shadows.  It wasn't quite above us; it was slightly lower that gave Elsa a nice shadow right beside her.  She was entertaining me just by moving around.  I wanted my big camera but it was in my office as I'd had an early morning shoot; so while Luke was still finishing I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my cell phone.  

This one was great for perfecting "stay."  Having to shift her ever so slightly so that her shadow showed perfectly, I told her to stay.  So when she went to move it I gave her the "error" marker which is "mm."  Deep and barely audible but she hears it and knows what it means.  She stayed until her release and was off; having noticed the sun and was hunting for lizards.  So keeping her still until I got the shot needed a verbal cue. 

This one she set up nicely on her own.  As soon as she was there I told her to stay, and she did until I was done.  :)  

It looks like Elsa is looking at her shadow, but she's not.  I tossed a treat there to get her to move while I sat beside Luke while he ate.    

Waiting for another treat to be tossed.  Her shadow is heading down the steps without her.  
Ahhh, the simple pleasures in life.  Doesn't take much to enjoy the little things.  Want to capture them?  Grab your cell phone.