Help is just a click away



This morning I thought that I would talk about my consultation service.  I'd like to offer you a little information about it and myself.  As a canine specialist, I have worked with dogs now for 39 years, yikes.  Yep, a very long time and it all started in the conformation ring; where I handled many different breeds.  From there it moved to conventional obedience and then evolved to positive training; which makes me a crossover trainer.  I started offering group training classes and then moved to private in-home where I could personalize training to fit the situation.  I have been a dog walker and groomer but now focus on training, photographing and writing about dogs. 

So now with all of these experiences, I am offering a canine consultation to you.  What exactly does that mean?  Help, with dogs.  Have a dog with issues?   Want to open a canine related business and don't quite know who your audience is? Thinking about getting into one of the many dog related fields but aren't quite sure?  Maybe you are looking to get a dog, but don't where to look or what to look for?   You want to build a dog park but need help on making it the best dog park ever?  I can help. 

My canine consultation service deals with pretty much anything relating to dogs.  The wonderful thing about it is that it is just a click away.  Help, right now when you need it. 

Just dogs with Sherri - consultation

It is really easy, click and talk to me.  It is all done via email, back and forth; questions and answers, clear and concise.