The Golden Girls

 Lucy came over to play last week.  First a little background on Elsa and Lucy's relationship.  They first met when Elsa was very small, then we moved away.  Since we've been back they have only been together off a couple of times; and only once in  my backyard.  The rest of the time together has been spent walking on leash in parks.  We met out front of my house so that Elsa could get a heads up before they played.  Elsa knew she was there before I opened the door.  But I leashed her up and out we went.  Elsa did her hinged in the middle routine jumping all over Lucy's Mom while Lucy jumped all over me crying.  It's really nice when a dog that is not your own loves to see you.  :) 

                                        Of course there were retrieving games.

                                                 Elsa joined Lucy for a good sniff of the area. 

                                                                Having fun just running around.

Then the big boy came out and Lucy was a bit nervous, very normal for a submissive dog.

                                    Lucy is a gorgeous Golden Retriever, inside and out. 

               Elsa was so excited to have Lucy over that she immediately dove into her full on play mode.  This actually threw Lucy a bit; they hadn't done the brawl play before and Lucy being very submissive was not quite sure that it was all play. 

                 Elsa tried shoving a toy in Lucy's face to get the game of chase going.  You can clearly see Lucy's tight lips here, she's a bit apprehensive. 

          Elsa growled, jumped and charged at Lucy.  Lucy was still a bit nervous to join in but started to relax. 

                                       Lucy's turn to check out Luke.  Luke loves Lucy. 

               A testing moment as Lucy comes to see if she can play with Elsa's toy.  Elsa gives her a  mock freeze and then dives into the game. 

                                                Elsa tempting Lucy to try to take the toy. 

     Elsa could tell that Lucy was apprehensive so tried to make it very clear that she wanted to play.  You can see Lucy's squinted eyes and pulled back lips here in submission.  So Elsa works harder.

                                                          Elsa's gets her goof on. 

                Elsa saying to Lucy "look how much fun I'm having, come join."

     Another clear shot of Lucy squinting in submission.  They had fun being together but when Elsa brought out her brawling tactics, Lucy was a bit reserved.  By the end of the play Lucy was relaxing and starting to get into it.  We will get them together a lot more in my backyard so that they can get their game on together.