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Too many vaccines?

Are we over vaccinating our dogs?  I think so, and the studies show that there is no need for annual vaccinations.  Yet, many owners haven't heard or have had such a fear of not vaccinating their dog yearly that they still head off to the vet for their dog's shots.  A couple of years ago I was at a Veterinarians that claims to be holistic.  As I sat in the waiting room a woman walked in with her elderly dog in her arms.  The Vet Tech told the woman that the dog was due for her annuals plus, bordetella, coronavirus, heartworm medication plus flea and tick.  I shuddered thinking what this poor little was going to be dealt with.  The woman handed her dog over to the Tech and smiled. 

I sat with Tilley, waiting.  At that point Tilley had not received an annual shot in over 9 years.  She had titers done with results stating that she was immune to the regular annuals.  No more vaccines needed, so why pump her full of more?  It mades no sense.  Think before you shoot more vaccines into your dog.  Read and research before making the decision to add yet another "new" vaccine that has been introduced.  I am not saying not to vaccinate; I am saying don't over vaccinate. 

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The only vaccine that is required by Law in many States and Countries is Rabies.  But not all Countries, Provinces or States require it.  Many have taken on the new protocol of every three years which is one tiny step in the right direction.  But so much more needs to be done as far as keeping our dogs safe from over vaccination.  The whole scare tactics that we have been fed for years about yearly vaccines needs to be replaced with facts.  Research, research, research is the only way to find out what is true and what is propaganda to get you to spend more money.  If your Vet is still pushing the yearly vaccinations then you need to arm yourself with factual information. 

New vaccines are being created all the time and not for the good of our dogs. 

If you have never heard of Titers, this is a good article on what they are all about.  They could save your dog's life. 

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