Out of the ordinary.

Luke keeps a close eye on me while I keep a close eye on him. 

I was awake and aware that Luke was not in his bed.  I sat up to see him standing staring at the end of the bed.  I assumed he wanted outside.  Since he has gotten older, he can no longer let us know the way that he use to tell us when he needed out.  He use to leap on and off the bed until we got the message.  Now he stands in silence staring at the door; but last night he was staring at the bed, not the door.  I asked him what he wanted; expecting him to move to the door.  He didn't, he stood staring and wagging at me.  So I hopped out of bed and head towards the bedroom door.  He was so excited spinning and huffing at me that he tripped and fell.  He took a tumble at the top of the stairs because he was spinning and another once we got outside.  All he wanted was me and he was acting as though I'd just come home.  With his head turned to the side, his open mouth huffing; he was giving me a greeting, even though I hadn't been out.  Once back in our bedroom he just wanted on the bed; which at this age is a big no no.  He could easily tumble off should I fall asleep.  So I set up some pillows beneath my side of the bed and he happily settled in. 

What was going on with him?  This was very strange behavior for the middle of the night.  He hadn't needed out when we went into the yard, he just wanted me.  After speaking about it with my husband this morning; he thought that maybe he had a dream that I was gone.  Hmmmmm, I hadn't thought of that.  It would most definitely explain how he was acting.  If he'd needed something other than me, I would have been able to figure it out easily.  But it seemed that all he wanted was his Momma.  Why?  I don't know. 

Now this morning, he has been on the bed for a bit.  He is off now but wants me with him.  I will be keeping a very close eye on him today; something is up, whether it was a dream or not he is acting differently.  Different behavior should always be watched closely.  When you know your dogs, even the slightest thing can be noticeably different.  Even though Luke is very much my shadow dog; he isn't normally as worried about my whereabouts as he is this morning.  He has however become even more mushy and clingy as he has aged. 

One other thing to consider is the wind.  It is crazy windy out; the sort of wind where you can't believe how hard it is blowing.  With it comes many scents and unusual smells because the wind is coming from the East instead of our normal off shore breeze.  Both Luke and Elsa stood with their noses to the sky last night, sniffing.  Luke went out and barked for a bit as uncommon scents came into our yard.  Could it be that?  We'll see, the wind is with us until Thursday I believe.