The ball dog.

The moments between retrieving and catching for a ball dog.

Elsa and her ball,

are never very far apart.

An obsessive retriever must always know where her ball is.

Sometimes she plays with her ball by herself. 

She keeps it close.

Often feeling the need to touch.

A true ball dog is not concerned so much with acquisition as with the whereabouts of the ball in case a chance to catch or retrieve it should arise. 

It goes where she goes.

The ball is placed in optimum throwing positions.

Always within reach of the intended thrower.

If it doesn't quite make the mark, a little shove gets it there.

Strategic placement is optimal. 

One does not put the ball down willy nilly. 

Nonchalant attitude is often used to entice a throw. 

Or pretending that you don't even care.

But a ball dog is never far away from their ball.

As much as a ball dog wants to have their ball with them 24/7, it is important that a human be in control of the ball.  Allowing it to be played with in allotted time slots during the day is the structure that a ball dog needs.  Gotta love a ball dog.