Playdate with Lucy

I wish I would have had my cell phone in hand yesterday morning when I said to Elsa "do you know what?"  She turned her head and waited for the rest.   I barely got out "Lucy is coming over" as her eyes popped and she charged off to the front door.  So Miss Elsa was already primed when Lucy arrived.  

I could watch them for hours.  Elsa is the aggressor most of the time; Lucy is much more timid in her play which actually makes them a nice match.  

Elsa can barely control her enthusiasm.  

                                             Is there such a thing as close enough?

Lucy decided that my lap was the place to be.  

Three golden heads.

Lucy trying to get closer to Luke.  This is a perfect example of facial expression.  Luke has his "not thrilled, slightly open mouth, thinking about curling his lip" face on.  Lucy is pulling her lips back and squinting in submission.  Even though Luke seems gruff, most dogs are drawn to him.  I think that they can tell he is all soft and squishy inside his tough outer shell.  

Elsa steps in as always to diffuse the situation and draw Lucy's attention onto her, away from Luke.  

Thirsty girls need a drink.

Elsa checking that Luke is okay with this interaction.  

Lucy and Elsa sharing a moment on my lap.

Everyone loves a play date.