Grog and design mode.

I'm tired, really tired.  Luke had me up at 3:00 am; he needed out which is rare for him.  Elsa of course was up in a flash as I approached the door and charged ahead as I held Luke back.  With him on my left I put my left hand under his neck as we make our way down the stairs.  It is enough to ensure that he doesn't fall.  If he should take a misstep I already have a hand on him for safety.  He did trip on the last step but made it safely past.  We head outside where the moon was beaming; the whole yard was lit up like daytime.  It was beautiful and I was almost happy that he'd waken me up to enjoy it.

Typically I wait in the kitchen for Luke and Elsa to do their thing but decided to go out and sit on the lounge.  When Elsa returned and saw me on the lounge she got all silly; even offering up one of her Elvis smiles.  I guess I surprised her, in a good way.  Luke was also surprised to see me sitting on the lounge; he huffed and flung his head around in excitement.  Funny the little things that make them happy and us as well; they both gave me a good smile, even though it was 3 in the morning. 

We head back upstairs and back to bed; but alas, not back to sleep.  Not for me that is, Luke and Elsa drifted off quickly; I on the other hand lay awake thinking.  It's always the thinking that gets me; but try as I might, I can't stop so I lay there until at least 5 AM in the morning before drifting off.  So I'm groggy having only had a quick cat nap after my awake time.  So while I lay there awake I was thinking about a wrap of sorts for Luke.  Something very comfortable that he could wear and I could grab onto for safety.  He makes his way up and down the stairs pretty well but since his episode I want to have a hand on him in case.  So I thought and thought and didn't sleep. 

I will be making mock ups today and trying to figure out what will be best for him.  I know that there are lots of harness type things out there but with his frail frame it has to be something very soft if he is going to have it on all the time.  I already have several ideas; having been awake and inventing in the wee hours.  So I will put into motion some of the early morning thoughts and work with expanding and perfecting them for my old man.  For now Luke is sound asleep on the bed while Elsa watches the morning out the patio door.   I need another cup of coffee to wake up enough to be functional.